Let's discuss the topic of the project)


Let's discuss the topic of the project) What do you think, given the current situation and the level of the market as a whole, how long will it take the project to complete all the main developments?

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Perhaps from 6 months to a year, taking into account the rapid development of the project. We need an influx of ambassadors, perhaps a program on Crew-3 to increase attention to the project

Now the market is at the bottom, you can only do different developments, hopefully by the summer they will be finished

There are no doubts in my mind that current situation on the market is best circumstances / conditions for developers. It's the best time to start / continue building showing value to the community.

Not sure that I want to speculate the facts on the further development of Koii Network. But the project has value for Web3, the projects is aimed at community growth and the idea of Economy of Attention in Web3 is not just modern one but breakthrough.