What exactly does number of token staked influence: size or order?


Does the number of token staked influence how much data can be stored, i.e. the size of the website that can be stored? Or the indexing order, i.e. which website comes first when you search it with keywords?

This is the document I am refering to https://blog.koii.network/rebrand-accelerator-and-more/

Answers 1

In the document you provided, there is no specific information regarding how the number of tokens staked influences the size or order of data storage or indexing within the Koii Network. The mentioned document primarily focuses on the rebranding of the Koii Network, the introduction of the Rebrand Accelerator program, and other updates.

To understand how the number of tokens staked might influence data storage or indexing within the Koii Network, it would be best to refer to official Koii Network documentation, whitepapers, or announcements specifically addressing these aspects. The Koii Network team should be able to provide detailed information on how token staking impacts data storage, size, or order, and how it relates to the network's mechanisms and algorithms.