Need a tutorial on how to integrate a function into a Next.js dapp


I have a next.js app that I'm trying to convert into a decentralized app as an proof of concept. I have a pages/api route containing a function. This function makes the app impossible for static deployment. pages/api functions need to be run on a server. Rather than just put a function directly into the page where it would run in the browser, I want to run the function in a way that the browser doesn't have access to it. That way, the function can process semi-private variables like API keys. Koii Network tasks seems like a good way to do this, but I can't find a single tutorial on integrating a Koii Network task into an app. Does anyone know of any YouTube videos, Medium Post, etc... on how to integrate Koii Network tasks into an app?

Answers 1

  1. Understand Koii Network Tasks: Familiarize yourself with the concept of Koii Network tasks and how they work. Tasks in Koii Network execute code securely and privately, making them suitable for handling sensitive operations.

  2. Identify the Function: Determine the specific function in your pages/api route that you want to convert into a Koii Network task. Make sure you understand the functionality and any dependencies it has.

  3. Refactor the Function: Extract the logic and functionality from the function in your pages/api route, keeping in mind any semi-private variables like API keys. Refactor the code to work as a standalone function that can be executed within a Koii Network task environment.

  4. Set Up a Koii Network Task: Create a new Koii Network task that incorporates your refactored function. Define the inputs and outputs of the task, ensuring that any sensitive variables are handled securely within the task environment.

  5. Integrate the Task in your Next.js App: Modify your Next.js app to invoke the Koii Network task instead of directly calling the function in the pages/api route. Make the necessary adjustments to pass any required inputs to the task and handle the task's outputs appropriately in your app.

  6. Test and Iterate: Test the integration thoroughly to ensure the desired functionality is maintained. Make any necessary iterations or adjustments to the task or your app code as needed.

Although there may not be specific tutorials available, you can leverage the Koii Network documentation, developer resources, and examples to gain a better understanding of implementing tasks in your app. Additionally, engaging with the Koii Network community, such as through Discord server or forums, can provide valuable insights and support from fellow developers.