What are the details of Koii's tokenomics?


How does Koii Tokenomics work?

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The initial total supply will be 10 billion and KOII test tokens will be multiplied by 1000x in the mainnet.

Koii’s incentive mechanism rewards content creators and publishers relative to the amount of traffic logged by the gateways detailed in the Proofs of Real Traffic diagram. 1,000 KOII are minted daily and awarded proportionally to owners based on the number of views relative to the ecosystem.

The Koii Network provides a new monetization model for decentralized applications. To participate, creators and dApp developers register their content to begin tracking the attention they create. Koii Nodes track gateway traffic for the registered content over a 24 hour period, preventing manipulation by verifying each Bundler’s record against the others. Once consensus is reached, 1,000 KOII are distributed in proportion to the verified attention scores. Node operators receive KOII for helping to keep the system running.

The goal of the Network’s incentive model is to reward reliable participants. To ensure reliability, voting power is scaled to the time and amount staked. Rewards are distributed proportionately to each Node’s voting power, which encourages participants to stake as much as possible.

Initially, the Koii Foundation will provide grants of up to 1,000,000 KOII each year to new projects as task credits. These grants will accelerate adoption and ensure Node operators receive reasonable compensation during the growth phase.