What are the main pillars of Koii Network?


What are the main characteristics that highlight the benefits of the Koii Network?

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Koii’s protocol is rooted in two critical components: robust incentives and a scalable consensus.

Earning KOII - Anyone can use the Network to earn KOII by deploying tasks, running a node, or producing and registering content on the Network. As communities build their own incentive models on top of the Network, they will automatically be cross-compatible, making it finally possible for individuals to capture all the downstream value they create online, without being caged to a host platform.

Scalable Consensus - The Koii protocol is tailor-made for dApps that do not require fast transaction times, providing a superior solution to the expensive infrastructure of Ethereum and similar networks. Traditional blockchains deploy resource-expensive Proof of Work protocols, accruing high energy usage and expensive fees. In contrast, Koii Nodes use energy efficiently by using Proof of Real Traffic (PoRT) to prevent spam, and a stack-based state transition model for more “gradual” consensus.

Building Communities - DApps deployed on Koii earn a percentage of the newly minted KOII every day based on the dApps’ user engagement. Users can earn KOII by providing, creating, and registering content that garners attention. Network participants run “Nodes” on their computers, powering the Network, eliminating hosting costs and powering stable and elastic network scalability (see “How it works” for more details on Bundler Nodes). Nodes are rewarded in KOII tokens based on Tasks defined by dApp creators.