How does Koii streamline the launch of DApps?


How are dApps launched and maintained on Koii Network?

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The Koii Network framework (“Koii-X'') makes it possible to launch decentralized applications quickly, along with built-in incentive mechanisms.

Using Koii’s command-line interface, developers will soon be able to quickly create dApps that scale appropriately to their needs. Koii provides this scalability by building DAGs on Filecoin. This infrastructure enables feeless interaction for Nodes and increases interoperability. The first application of this new ‘gradual’ consensus process allows Koii to track and verify traffic (“attention”) across content gateways, which links token distribution to traffic volume, creating direct incentives for content creation.

Finally, the Koii Network is engineered to scale independently of transaction speed. Since transaction speed is not the basis for a sustainable and easily scalable network, Koii sidesteps these issues and creates a consensus mechanism to accommodate the data structures and volume needed to reach critical network mass.