What is Proofs of Real Traffic (PoRT)?


How does the Koii Network ecosystem work?

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PoRT is a scalable, distributed proof of work system to ensure traffic can be recorded reliably. The Koii Network has developed an innovative approach for traffic monitoring and reporting.

In order to fully avoid any risk of traffic falsification, Gateways can optionally implement a Proof-of-Real-Traffic header on all content requests. The header is submitted as a standard HTTP call header when the client requests content, and includes a hash of the requester’s IP address, the requested resource URL, and other metadata.

During the Koii attention rewards process, Koii Nodes fetch traffic logs from the Gateways and verify the hashes match the given metadata. Since hash verification is trivially simple compared to generation, this provides an efficient means of resolving any doubt about the authenticity of the traffic log data and ensures that Koii can reliably and fairly reward content creators.