How to get a Koii DID?


How do I create my own Koii DID?

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I love that DID will help detect spam and identify bots and scammers, thereby ensuring that the Koii Attention Reward goes to real users who deserve to be rewarded for their work!

You can create a Koii DID by logging into your Finnie Wallet.

Down the line, Koii’s DIDs will enable users to interact with any on-chain environment using a single cryptographic key. In addition to streamlining Koii’s end user experience, the DIDs will also let dApp developers take advantage of whichever blockchain they need for the task they’re trying to accomplish. In other words, you will be able to build a cross-chain dApp that lets users interact across multiple blockchain networks simultaneously.

As new features are rolled out, the DIDs will provide a one-stop meta-solution bridging all existing DIDs, and will eventually underpin Koii’s entire on-chain reputation system. Additionally, the DIDs will also serve as a spam-prevention mechanism to separate real traffic from bots and scammers, thereby ensuring that Koii’s attention rewards go to the content creators who are generating real-world excitement. By making it easier than ever for users to prove who they are and who they are interacting with online in a seamless and secure way, Koii’s DIDs will usher in a new era of creative expression and on-chain collaboration.