What are the requirements to take part in ambassador program?


What are the requirements regarding the Ambassador program? I want to join, but I have not found any detailed information. I have already done a certain amount of work, and it would be cool to work together with other ambassadors.

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Check the entire discord of the project, monitor the forms and respond in a timely manner. Write articles in your languages and not only, chat actively, be active on Twitter and make a lot of trades, follow all the AMS and quickly make a squeeze out of them, check all the official resources of the project 100 times a day and follow the news 🙂 I have always adhered to the principle in everything - quickly, efficiently and with maximum audience coverage (if we are talking about external resources), and if we are talking about discord, then as quickly and clearly as possible for the community 🙂

A lot of people do not speak English, so the prompt response to any updates in the form of translations is welcome 🙂

When creating any material, remember that it is best to do it in the most understandable language, especially when it comes to articles and trades 🙂

One of the life hacks for writing articles is to take the original publication, break this publication into those very key points, and "talk" with the reader, clearly separating what you are quoting and your own thoughts (the medium is great for this, in case the news is still a mystery to you)

And of course - a flight of imagination on what else you can give to the project, what kind of activity to offer (for example, various contests, sweepstakes, etc. This will all lead you to the role of Ambassador and Senior Ambassador :))

You need to fill out an ambassador form and be active on the server. So far, the roles of ambassadors have not been issued, but perhaps this is due to the preparation for the upcoming updates and in the future there will be an opportunity to become an ambassador again. The form: https://forms.gle/pG3jAVcSJQXoXacXA

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfPWR7u7oooV1F8kjlzvhimBEnDD87QjYLgEoaFZPArN1YpeA/viewform . do some tasks, like, Create your DID in Finnie and share the link below, Mint an NFT with Finnie and paste the share link below etc

If you are interested in joining the Koii network ambassador program as a junior ambassador, you can fill out the form and it will be reviewed within 15 days https://forms.gle/pG3jAVcSJQXoXacXA