Missing KOII and Atomic NFT after force-updating wallet and connecting new Koii desktop node account


I recently performed a force update on my Finnie wallet, which seemed to import successfully. I now have both my new Koii desktop node account and my old Arweave wallet connected. However, I've noticed that my old account is not displaying any KOII tokens or my Atomic NFT. It's almost as if they've disappeared. Could someone shed some light on whether these assets are still recoverable or if there's something I might have missed during the update process?

Answers 1

It's likely that you still possess the 1st-testnet KOII as well as any NFTs in your previous Finnie wallet. This is rather intriguing. It's important to note that, at present, Koii network do not offer the capability to generate new NFTs using the Finnie wallet. However, any NFTs that were already in existence should still be present in the wallet.