What are key features of Koii Network?


Why would you prefer Koii to any other protocol?

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**Protocol Factory** - Koii Network provides the tools for anyone to implement a tokenized protocol using a standardized gradual consensus process (“ProposalRank”). Koii software libraries make it straightforward to implement a range of scalable solutions and deploy them to existing nodes via ‘Koii Tasks’. **Profitable Digital Media** - Koii nodes work continuously to gather traffic logs from registered gateways. A vote is initiated every 24 hours to distribute 1,000 KOII by analyzing traffic data and rewarding the most requested content with KOII tokens. The network provides a new way to monetize digital media, allowing for a wide range of applications and configurations. **Feeless Immutable Consensus** - General participation in the Koii Network is feeless by default (though participation rights are managed by staking). Bundler nodes are incentivized to batch consensus data by receiving a share of the daily KOII for this service. Bundlers are described in more detail in the next section.