Help with Attention Mining


Hi, I want to use Attention Mining on my SPA based on this documentation: [](https://). The content on my site is text articles, and for mining I tried to use the ipfs hash of a single article.To connect Attention Mining, I used this sample code: ``` const port = new PoRT({ trustedNodeAddress: '', // Address of KOII mainnet node: 5, // maximum number of nodes to send PoRTs to. connectionWait: false, // this parameters waits for Finnie to be connected }); ``` When I call: `port.propagatePoRT(articleData.ipfsHash) ` I get an error: `POST 404 ` I know Arweave can only store content formatted as Atomic NFTs right now. Other formats like web URI, EVM NFT, etc. were expected to be supported in early June 2022. I thought it was already released since it's November, 2022 now. Please help me start using attention mining.

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