How do I get KOII tokens?


How can I earn KOII tokens?

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Follow the announcements and Twitter and you will be informed

Get your tokens from the Koii faucet:

There are three ways to earn Koii:

  1. When registering, creating a wallet, you can request some test tokens.
  2. For viewing NFTs set at the site
  3. I participate in various contests in the discord of the project.

There are a number of ways you can earn KOII.

Tokens can be obtained as follows: registration purse (give not many tokens), for viewing your NFT, to join the Ambassador program and perform tasks, as well as for various competitions, which spend a team of the project

  1. At the very beginning of creating an account, there is an opportunity to get some tokens from the faucet.
  2. When viewing your exposed NFT on , the number of your earned KOII will depend on viewing and traffic!
  3. Also, participation in various contests and bounties gives you the opportunity to win a certain number of KOII tokens!

1 way, to receive for NFT views

Upload quality content to and you will continue to earn rewards in the long run.