what is koii network?


what is koii network?

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Koii brings Decentralized Edge Computing for Community-Owned Alternatives

To make a long story short:

Empowering People:

Koii aims to return power back to the people through community-owned and operated alternatives, utilizing existing consumer hardware for edge computing. The World Computer concept, as seen in Ethereum, provides the basis for Koii, addressing the growing pains of global communication with trustless digital machine and decentralized commerce.

Secure and Scalable Systems:

Koii is designed from the ground up to enable the easy construction of fast, scalable, and private systems hosted across the community cloud using an open standard called Gradual Consensus. It offers cost and security benefits for various applications, including Artificial Intelligence and Social Media apps, making it more secure and cost-effective.

Philosophy of Decentralization:

Koii's philosophy revolves around decentralization, aiming to rectify the concentration of power in a small part of the world's population by leveraging the internet's potential in a different way.

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